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The Park Press, Everlasting Landscapes, Comma Gallery

Perrotti is a studio artist and portraitist who also works in plein air , has a unique and impressionistic s

tyle encompassing vibrant oil color and distinct compositions reflecting old Florida.


Pulse Magazine, Banners Fly, Mount Dora Centennial, Jeanne Fluegge

The building itself (Lakeside Inn)  was the inspiration for Perrotti's painting.   On one side of the banner

viewers are invited to enter under the green canopy flanked by a white railed porch.  Then, seen from the

other side viewers find themselves inside the Inn looking at a beautiful stylish woman.


Lakeland Ledger, Celebrating Food of the Gods, Steve Schwartz, Reporter; Michael Freeman, Editor

Comma Art Exhibit Focuses on Vanishing Industry.  Perrotti decided to preserve the building and its history in the

only way she could:  by capturing its image in a painting called “Packing House in Fog.


Sweet Tea Journal Pre-Event Interview Forgotten Coast Paint Out


Daytona Beach News-Journal, Laura Stewart, Fine Arts Editor

Artist Talks of Life, painting - "Barbara Perrotti is best known for the plein-air paintings she

makes outdoors, with their radiant Florida atmospheres."


Orlando Sentinel- Patricia Sporer, Garden Editor

Up Close and Natural -  “ With the rasping song of cicadas overhead and the soothing sound of

a stream passing over rocks as it descends into Lake Rowena, Barbara Perrotti squints at the

garden scene in front of her in the early morning light.”


Orlando Sentinel-Eustis Edition, Christine Cole

Artists bring a number of styles, moods to Eustis Museum's exhibit

“Oil painter Barbara Perrotti, conveys Florida landscapes in a few brushstrokes.”


Valdosta Daily News, Dean Polling, Fine Arts Writer

Immediate Lingering - Artist creates Moments

Barbara Perrotti instills in her paintings a sense of rushing excitement.  From the colors and

brushstrokes evident in a series of  advanced photos and slides of her work, the scenes

capture a flash of realization and sudden, split-second clarity.”



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